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Valuable knowledge

Carmichael, Ca.

"I have known Keith Paulsen for 26 plus years.

I first came to know him when his family moved into our neighborhood. I have always known Keith to be highly motivated, very ambitious and a person of great integrity with a wonderful family. As a realtor he has helped me purchase a duplex, a home for my mother, and helped in the sale and carrying back a loan on commercial property.

When buying the duplex I really needed someone like Keith. I always had my eye on this property because it was located a few houses down from my home and I often thought it would be an ideal rental for my young adult children. While coming home one day I saw the property was up for sale. It was a sellers market and I knew I needed to move quickly. I immediately called Keith and said I definitely want that property. Without hesitation he arranged for us to meet within the hour. Come to find out it was on the market for one day and already had multiple offers; thankfully none had been accepted yet. Thanks to Keith’s experience he made the right recommendation to make our offer more attractive to the seller. It was accepted and my wife and I still own the property today.

Buying my mother’s house was similar except it was then a buyer’s market. The home was two doors down and also an ideal situation for my 90 year old mother. Keith had a good sense of the market and he suggested making a reasonable offer just below asking price. The offer was made and with a little negotiation it was accepted. My mom got a nice home at a great price and ended up close to her family.

Keith not only knows real estate but also has many years of experience with construction of new homes and remodels. This is valuable knowledge when clients are buying older homes with needed improvements. Again, he has the ability and experience to point out some of the problems an inexperienced buyer may encounter before, and not after a purchase. If you’re looking for someone who will look out for you and help with any of your real estate needs, Keith Paulsen is the person. He comes with my highest recommendation."

You have been Awesome!!


"We wanted to say thank you for everything you have done, and we can’t wait to grow our family in the home and make it our own. You have been Awesome!!!"

Masterfully guided us


"Yea! Excellent job on this. The price came in where you predicted. It was a good easy flip and you masterfully guided us through the process. Good thing you encouraged the use of their escrow officer.

Let’s do this again."

You’re so thoughtful!


"Thank you, Keith! You’re so thoughtful! I will send this to the buyer for acknowledgment and forward a copy to you.

Thank you again for everything! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you! Happy Thanksgiving!"

Great to work with

Don (Buyer represented initially by other agent)

"Hi Keith,

I’d like to virtually introduce you to my father in-law, Wayne. They are interested in living in this community if possible or perhaps another one nearby. We told them that you were great to work with and knew of or build a lot of communities in the area.

We’d be happy to have you all over one night to facilitate a real introduction. Just let us know if you’re interested."

Pleasure working with

Jennifer (Top Producing RE Agent)

"Thanks, Keith! It was a pleasure working with you!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!"

Great transaction!

Emily (Top Producing RE Agent)

"That’s great! Thank you, Keith.

We are signing at 8am tomorrow and will be funding and recording tomorrow as well.

Thank you so much for a great transaction!"

Good working with both of you

Bob (Attorney)

"Thank you. It was good working with both of you."

Very professional

Lillian (Top Producing RE Agent)

"Thanks for everything and for being such a great agent! Very professional, and a good sport to boot!

Take care"

Thanks Keith!

Georgia (Top Producing RE Agent)

"Thanks Keith! This should wrap it up with those people in the sky at CB.
Let’s do this again."

I highly recommend Keith!

Anne G

"I had the privilege of using Keith Paulsen as my agent/broker for the sale of my Granite Bay home in 2016. Selling your home can be a stressful experience. Keith made it easy and stress free! He walked me through the process and gave me tips on how to prepare my house for potential buyers. He is professional and very knowledgeable, always keeping up with the latest real estate law. In addition, Keith is accountable and has high integrity. He honors his commitments, keeps his promises, and builds an open and trustworthy relationship with his clients. If you are looking for an agent, I highly recommend Keith!"

He will remain my go-­to guy

Greg M

"It is my pleasure to recommend Keith Paulsen, not only as a Realtor, but an excellent advocate in real estate transactions, construction and remodeling expertise as well as effective negotiator in transactions both simple and complex.

I have called on his expertise in multiple transactions. Some simple purchases, some not so simple bank owned properties with less than cooperative intentions. His attention to detail and his experience in construction makes him the ideal advocate for both sellers and buyers. His experience as a developer only enhances his acumen and long-range planning ability to assist property owners in realizing their best return on investment.

Keith understands the dynamics in many areas of the Sacramento region. He understands that the approach may need to be different for each transaction, but remains steadfast in his dedication, work ethic and core beliefs. I would challenge anyone to find a person than is more dedicated or works more hours for his clients.

I would not hesitate to recommend Keith to anyone, in fact, he is, and will remain my go-­to guy for all things real estate and development."

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